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      FIC2019 展后回顾

      Visit: Date:2019/4/28 10:03:04

      Fuchs China Foodstuff Co., Ltd. attended FIC 2019 exhibition 

      Mar, 2019,Shanghai 

      During 18th to 20th Mar. 2019, Fuchs China  Foodstuff Co., Ltd. attended the 23rd FIC (Food Ingredients China) exhibition. On this exhibition, products were displayed on 4 podiums: Seasoning Products, AD/FD Products, Export Products and Retail-Pack Products(OEM). Meanwhile, we also prepared samples?for?visitors?to?take?away?during?the?show.

      The stand had a very open and spacious design, with fewer products than in previous years, but with more space for visitors to move around within the stand and to sit and talk to us .This year too, the visitors were impressed by the quality of our products!

      福克斯食品有限公司亮相FIC 2019





      Our Retail-Pack Products were showing on the show.


      Our Seasoning Products were showing on the show.


      Our company staff were giving a detailed introduction of our products to the visitors.


      Chef’s Menu-Spanish Seafood Paella with our seasonings to the visitors.


      Chef’s Menu-Rosemary Chicken with our seasonings to the visitors.


      Looking forward to the FIC2020 held next year. Fuchs China will adhere to the business guiding principle of “tip-top quality from seed to kitchen” with our high degree of specialist competence and many years of experience, support our global partners on their path to success.!

      展望FIC 2020,福克斯中国将继续秉承“追溯及源,品质至上”的经营原则,凭借着自身专业的能力和丰富的经验, 有效的支持我们业务合作伙伴共同走向成功!


      地址:中国山东省安丘市景芝镇 Tel:+86 (0)536 4602144
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